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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Online Captcha entry work without investment daily payment in India be aware from Fraud Investment Website

There are many ways of Earning online as this is the time of Internet. We can earn a lot of money by working online but it is not so easy too, but that doesn't mean impossible. people are earning a huge money from Online. but there are lot of the websites making people fool and looting money from them. so if you are looking for the genuine methods of earning online you are at right place.
what I'm going to describe in this article:

  • Is it Really possible to earn a good Income Online?
  • Genuine Ways to earn online.
  • Be aware of the Fraud;

Is it Really possible to earn a good Income Online?in one word my answer is "Yes" there are lot of people who work online, earning a good income. They work from their workplace. They are their own boss of their work. But like a Job, they give full time or part time to the work on daily basis. It is not like you work to earn online for 2,3 or 4 days and not getting results then ... quit!!!,
No, this need a dedication and hard work,.

Genuine Ways to earn online.
There are lot of ways to earn money online, some of them are;
  1. Blog/Website
  2. YouTube Channel
  3. Application
  4. Help others online
  5. Online Tutor
I you can read "Yet not Written" in detailed about How these methods works, how can we earn by a website or blog, or how can we earn by a youTube Channel, who will pay us? If Google Adsense is showing Adds on our website that means we are earning or not .... you can visit "Yet not Written".

Be aware of the Fraud; When you try to get this type of online work just search on Google,
Online Typing Job, Home based typing online work etc. There are lot of websites they will provide you work and they will ask money for only software cost and the work is free of cost. one more thing, there are some websites provide work free and will send you an affidavit on your mail that if you don't submit the work withing the period your will be penalised for some 5000/- rupees. If you do that work withing period you will get good money like; 8 rupee per form, if you type 100 forms per day you can earn 800 rupees per day, =24000 per months, for that typing work.... Just Be aware!!!
All are totally fraud ... I'm telling you. in some days if you calculate .... if you are a good master in typing also, you will not be able to complete that work in the given time. and at the end you will be scared of penalised for some 5k but you will get offers on your phone that they will complete your work  and they will charge you approx, 4-5 rupees per form typing ?
that is the trap ... you will be thinking to avoid to be penalised and may pay money for the work to be completed ! but listen how they know that you need in typing work. at the end you will be asked to pay the penalty or they will send you legal notice to push you in fear and after all you may pay the money to avoid the legal action that is their business,

So, Please be aware of this type of fraud people and save your money !!!
Remember if someone offering you work and giving you money for that, he will never ask you money !!! You need money he need work , simple ! why he asking money ????So always apply a very simple logic when you go in search of data entry jobs or any other jobs online for that matter. As an employee, would you pay the employer to get a job or should the employer pay the employee? As simple as that. Since most scammers either scam people by taking deposits or fees or they initiate work by dumping a ridiculous number of terms and conditions which people are bound to fail.
One Small request ... please, share your experience if someone asked you money for providing you work and mention their website in comment so that others can be aware of it ! Thank you !!!


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Munendra Singh said...

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